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Dave Skooter Farm 1980

This news report featuring Sideburn's very own Dave Skooter Farm resurfaced this week for the first time in forty years.

BMX was so new in the UK that the regional news show (at a time when the UK only had three TV channels in total) sent out a crew and a presenter, who had clearly never seen a bicycle, never mind a BMX, before. Dave is number 198, the one on the half-pipe. He tells us 'I was wearing ‘DG products’ airtex race jersey, JT Racing race pants, Simpson helmet, Vans style #95 tennis shoes.'

There are a couple of ringers, motocross lads who don't really seem to know what they're doing but make up the numbers. One does a superb faceplant during the interview section.

Dave adds, 'Did you recognise Judy Finnegan (Richard & Judy) introducing the clip?  I’m pretty impressed with the unusual music choice [The Only Ones, Another Girl, Another Planet]. We estimate it to be from approx November 1980. When I see this after 40 years, I feel equal parts of cringe and stoke.

'Below is my first ‘cover shot’, issue 2 of OFFICIAL BMX magazine in early 1981. Photo was shot before I got the Simpson helmet.'

Dave's two covers, 30-something years apart. Legend.

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02 may 2020

Dave...always fly. Looking great, as usual. I had that same DG jersey. So good. You guys were kitted from top to bottom!

Me gusta
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