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BMX Speedway

Post in from Dave Skooter Farm

Despite Covid 19’s best efforts, this event is taking place (social distancing rules to be applied) on a fantastic cycle speedway track.

Organised in part by Sideburn’s entertainment officer, Dave Skooter Farm, it’s a charity event, raising money for The Alzheimer’s Society and RSPCA.

It’s a race and there will be winners but that is not really the point.  In the spirit of the early Dirt Quake motorcycle events, the priority is to have fun and be as inclusive as possible: All genders, ages and abilities welcome.

As part of the program, they are hoping to showcase the first ever ‘Bicycle Speedway Tandem’ race!

THIS SUNDAY: BMX meets Cycle Speedway at Astley & Tyldesley Cycle Speedway club.

Sign up on the day 10.30.

Any BMX bike welcome: new or old, any wheel size. It’s brilliant craic, see ya there, losers!

Please share and tag your mates... this will be a blast, all proceeds to @alzheimerssoc and @official_rspca POSTCODE: M29 7DW


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