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Artist Intro: Prankur Rana

When Sideburn planned to introduce Cory Texter's C-Tech feature as a new regular, in SB40, I chose to bring a fresh artist into the Sideburn fold and settled on Prankur Rana. He doesn't have one set style, and his images have humour, dynamism and an original take in a field where too many artists are copying others. Perfect. I also like that he's from a very different background to many of our contributors. Here is a short interview to introduce you to Prankur. GI

Hi Prankur, how old are you and where is home?

I'm 29 and I live on the outskirts of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India 

What part do motorcycles play in your life?

Apart from constant inspiration in my art and running a full-time cafe, which is primarily based on motorcycle theme, I do take out my bike once or twice in a week. Early morning ride to either Rishikesh or the mountains of Mussoorie. It really pushes the reset button on me mentally and help me to examine the ideas or goals I have for future. 

What motorcycle do you own?

Yes, I stole my uncle’s 2002 Royal Enfield Electra CI.

Is art a full-time job for you?

My primary job is a full-time chef and a manager at my food business, a small DIY motorcycle and art cafe called Pranky’s Cafe located on the foothills of Uttarakhand, India. Art is my secondary job and whenever I have a big project, my wife takes care of the cafe. We have been planning to figure out logistics and management so I could do art full time, hopefully in couple of years. 

You move between styles in your artwork, you're not stuck in one style, what or who influences your art?

It has always been a solid goal for aspiring artists to find that 'one style', but I really don’t believe in handcuffing myself with just one thing or one style. I would rather be curious and explore more than to be impatient and lose the basics. It’s all in the stew, embrace the slow burn rather the a quick burnout. I don’t really have one or two artists influencing my work it’s a combination of whatever I feel inspired by. 

What is your dream bike?

Definitely a Ducati Desert Sled.

Do you have biking hero?

I do admire a lot of old people from motorcycle industry but not quite sure of any hero. 

Finish this sentence. Racing is life, but... 

...let the professionals do it. I’d rather stroll slow on my old Royal Enfield, they don’t go fast anyway.

Above, work in progress of the Sideburn 41 artwork.

Above, the finished piece.

See Prankur's artwork for the C-Tech features in Sideburn 40 and Sideburn 41 

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08 jul 2020

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Me gusta

10 jun 2020

Love Prankur’s “not-one-particular-style” style. Look forward to more...also, riding up to the front of his cafe for lunch break on a moto tour. Hey, it won’t happen if I don’t dream it, right?


Me gusta
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