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AFT Atlanta Rnd 1

Not too many shock results last night, but that doesn't mean they weren't noteworthy.


Dallas Daniels #32 is the most hyped young rider in more than a decade and he's proven his supporters were right. Four race wins on the trot, six wins in total this season, more than the rest of the field combined and stretching his title lead over Henry Wiles in second m the title race. Wiles came in 5th on the night. Mischler, #13, was second, Brandon Kitchen third. It's just not happening for one of the pre-season favourites, Shayna Texter. She missed out on making to the main, finishing ninth in her semi, less that 2/10ths off 8th. She's 12th overall in the standings, with only one podium all year.


Sideburn columnist Cory Texter won the Production Twins, looking fast all night and breaking James Rispoli's run on wins. Rispoli came in second, so didn't lose many points in his title lead. Ryan Varnes was third.


SuperTwins was a battle royale between Mees and Bauman, the two most recent champs swapping place up until the last lap to the flag with Mees coming out on top. Mees now has four wins to Briar's 6. Bronson Bauman came in third.

Brandon Robinson broke his foot last week, hitting the wall in Texas. He wore a motocross boot this weekend and rode to seventh, elevating his foot between each session.

The second day of the Atlanta ST double-header is today - Saturday. Here's how to watch.

How to Watch Progressive American Flat Track

NBCSN and TrackPass on NBC Sports Gold are the official homes for coverage of Progressive American Flat Track. The complete schedule for Progressive AFT on NBCSN can be viewed at TrackPass on NBC Sports Gold - the most-robust motorsports offering in the digital marketplace - is a cornerstone of Progressive AFT's digital strategy, providing live streaming coverage of every event and maintaining an active archive of all Progressive AFT content.

Foreign viewers: Looking to watch AFT action live internationally (including Canada)? Click here.


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