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Sideburn 20: Back in Stock

We found a few of these that we put in a box because they were slight seconds, either because they had very slightly bent corners or bent spines. This issue has been sold out a while, so there might be people out there who want them and don't mind about a bit of 'shelf-soiling.'

This issue was originally released in 2015

This is what's in it:

COVER STAR: Drake McElroy and Honda CRF450

BIKES: Baer Racing KTM 1000 GNC racer; Honda CRF450 cafe motard; Maico Mega 2 490; Suzuki Boulevard fat tyre desert racer; 1930s Norton Dirt Track; Trackmaster Titan 500; Yamaha XS650 street tracker

PEOPLE: Jared Mees; Ian 'Tiddler' Turner; Dimitri Coste; Stu Egli; Marc Marquez

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Dimitri Coste

EVENT: Superprestigio 2

BLUEPRINT: 1929 Norton DT

PLACES: Barcelona; Black Rock Desert, Canterbury; Misano

PAGES: 100

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