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And It Blew My Mind

It's hard not to be overwhelmed by the amount of 'content' swilling around the motorcycle universe. A friend sent me a link to a video that was 12 minutes long the other day. I looked at the still screengrab, the running time and decided I'm never going to watch it. 12 minutes!

Perhaps it's because Icon have advertised in Sideburn since the very early days of the magazine. Perhaps it's because I really like Amanda who writes the unerringly sassy and perfectly pitched press releases and sent a link to this film. Perhaps it was because Icon rarely put a foot wrong when they make a video, in reality, it was a stew of all these reasons that I decided part of today's distraction from more pressing matters was to watch 'Street's Not Dead 2' (I'm not sure if there was a 1 at this point, but I'll check later). I'll admit, these stunt videos no longer blow my skirt up, but for the reasons above, and because it was only three-and-a-bit minutes, I watched it.


I can't remember seeing a 'corporate' video look so edgy and illegal. Shot in Detroit, the locations appear to be a mix of closed (to the public) and open. The camera vehicle accidentally knocks the rider off. The one-handed stoppie to rail grab is jaw-dropping. The tunnel drifts are a ballistic ballet. The rider is Kyle Sliger. I've never heard of him, but he earned his day rate on this shoot.

I think there is some cussing in the soundtrack, so turn it down if there are sensitive ears in the vicinity.

Anyway, Icon rule. If you haven't noticed, I've been racing in their leathers and helmets for years now. I'm neither a slave to fashion or an advertisers' puppy. I just don't like the idea of skin grafts. I trust Icon gear with my freckled, lily white epidermis.

Icon split their clothing into different collections. The louder, street dear is Icon Motosports. The more restrained muted black and greys (that I personally prefer) are Icon 1000. Some of the helmets and armour crosses between both. There are mens and womens collections.

[PS] There is a Street's Not Dead 1. Flaunting convention, the sequel is better than the original.

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