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Rob Pearson Black Hills Wipeout

Rob Pearson ended up wrecking his privateer Indian FTR750 at the Black Hills Half-Mile last night. It happened after Jared Mees lost the front end mid-corner halfway through the 25-lap main. Jared and his FTR750 skidded up the track. David Fisher did an incredible job of swerving to avoid Mees who was half-sat, half-laid almost motionless on the track, and ploughed into the airfence. Rob Pearson, first seemed to clip Mees' bike, then hit Fisher's bike, that was on its side by now, and launched off it like it was a ramp.

All riders walked away.

If anyone out there would like to buy this hard riding, honest privateer a new FTR750, please get in touch. Fisher's bike was quite second hand too.

Black Hills Thoughts coming up in the next day or so...

Photos: Scott Hunter/ AFT

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