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Aldana v Lewis

I've put on you tube a vid I took from my flag position on turn 4 at Peterborough last year, that shows Dave Aldana and Johnny Lewis riding together. It starts out a bit shaky but settles down.

I was going to put it on my Instagram (@that58dodge) , but it's probably too big a file. For those that get it, it needs to be out there to watch.

For me to have been so close to such a nostalgic and also current spectacle was an unbelievable and inspiring event for me. To watch JL nosing it at such speed, the sound of both the bikes, Aldana in his iconic skelly suit, close enough to touch, the fabulous weather, being involved and part of it all made the weekend the highlight of 2018 for me. I still have to kick myself when I think that I was in 2 races with Dave Aldana and that I chased him through a couple of corners after he passed me. Such a pity the bike broke before the final.

What a privilege to be trackside for the demo and then sharing the track, bar to bar, with the man.

If anyone out there would like to volunteer to be a flag marshal at any DTRA race, or would like to help the series in any other way, please email Sideburn and we'll put you in touch. You can volunteer race by race, not big commitment or training required.

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