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First Sacramento, now Springfield

Last week the Sacramento Mile was postponed because of rain, this week the Springfield Mile has been postponed until August. Initially it was moved back to Monday, but the forescast caused AFT to postpone it till the last day of August. The two Springfield Miles, traditionally on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, are forming a double header on Labor Day, at the end of August, so there will be back-to-back Mile races on the same weekend.

That means there are now SIX AFT Twins races between 4 August and 1 September.

4 Aug - Buffalo Chip TT

6 Aug - Black Hills Half-Mile

10 Aug - Sac Mile

17 Aug - Peoria TT

31 Aug - Springfield Mile 1 (plus, we assume, Springfield Short Track singles the same day, but not sure how that will work. Will they move to Friday or Monday? I'm guessing Steve Nace has a Friday race)

1 Sept - Springfield Mile 2

The Springfield TT went ahead on Saturday night. Jesse Janisch (below) won it and also benefitted from Dalton Gauthier jumping the start twice in the same heat race and being given a 10s penalty which mean the didn't make the semis. Twice? Yes, he was moved back to the penalty line, but crept again for the restart (it was judged) and was handed the penalty at the end of the race.

Because Gauthier was serving a ban last year (for recreational drug use) he didn't have the opportunity to use a provisional start to make his semi and was out for the evening with zero points.

If British fans are wondering how Oliver Brindley go on, he was out of the race due to surgery for an ankle injury caused by catching his foot in a hole in the Perris track. he didn't crash but still damaged his ankle enough to need an operation.

Photo: Scott Hunter/ AFT

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