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German Flat Track

The European flat track scene continues to grow, this time Germany are getting on board. Our friend Hermann Kopf and Jörg, the founder organisers of the famous Glemseck 101 event. Hermann writes...

As you know our country is speedway country, flat track did not really exist besides a few people riding mostly on tracks in neighbouring countries. Over a couple of years I tried to find clubs in Bavaria where it would be possible to practice or even race, but without success. Now we found a traditional club close to Frankfurt (Main) - MSC Diedenbergen, and it's young and open-minded management board wants to collaborate with the concept I did. I teamed up with Jörg Litzenburger to establish a nice flat track weekend end of July 27.-28. in Rhein-Main Stadion Diedenbergen.

We will have beginners, amateur and pro riders, and also speedway show runs. Indian Motorcycles already jumped into the boat and hopefully a few other sponsors will follow.

The Diedenbergen club (, is in the German motorsports association (and runs Bundesliga/Premier League Speedway team) is organizing the weekend with all its technical and race-legal things, me and Jörg will bring riders, press and partner acquisitions.

Greetings from Munich


PS: here a few links, these are all basic so far of course:


The Diedenbergen racetrack is about 360 miles from Calais, if any DTRA racers fancy a road trip.

The name of the event is a play on words of the 20th century British/US nickname of Germans, Kraut, Krowd. The etymology of Kraut is from the German for cabbage, a staple of the German diet in the time of World War I.

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