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Speed by Horst Friedrichs

When a relevant book catches my fancy I love buying a few to shift through our online shop. Why? I love books.

The latest is SPEED, a heavyweight hardback photography tome by London-based German photographer, and sometime Sideburn collaborator, Horst Friedrichs. The book's cover image is Dimitri Coste taken at one of our Dirt Quake events. This is what Horst says...

'The SPEED book is an summation-celebration of my journeys into British subcultures : mods, rockers, cyclists, motorcycles and classic cars.

'A hand-picked selection of rarely seen images from my work, alongside some of my most iconic photographs from the past decade.'

The heavyweight hardback book is printed on an Océ Prostream and with luxurious paperstock from Sappi Magno Pluss Gloss, 150gsm and Sappi Magno Volume matt, 170 gsm.

This is a limited run first edition.

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