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Knight Rotax For Sale

Our mate Brad is selling his Knight Rotax framer. Bike is located in the UK. This is what he says...

This is absolutely the real deal flat track framer. I built it originally for the 2015 race season but it had a full rebuild and refresh last winter.I bought the frame, a Knight Ultralight, from a former AMA pro racer in the states and shipped it back.

The engine was built from the bare cases, replacing all bearings and consumables. Its got a Omega billet piston in it, taking it out to 636cc. The cylinder head was reworked by Racetechnics, famous for building some of the fastest Rotax supermono racers back in the day. This is topped off with an 865 cam, for the best compromise between lowdown power and revs. The exhaust is a stainless job with a baffled megaphone, all made by Cobuilt.

The forks are R6 and have been rebuilt last year by BG motorsport, these are held in flat track specific billet yokes. The rear suspension is Hagon Nitro, this was built for the bike by Hagon and was tweaked multiple times to get it spot on. Its running on Talon rims with Yamaha hubs. The Dunlop tyres (complying to current DTRA regs) have plenty of racing left in them.I got fed up with rubbish fibreglass tanks so I had The Intergalactic Custom Shop fabricate the aluminium tank for it. I did keep it polished but I got fed up of people leaving finger prints on it!

During last year's refresh I had the motor converted to electric start, it makes it much easier to live with. The first time a bike cuts out on the way to the line and you miss a race, off board starters loose all their appeal. This is powered by a lithium battery so weights next to nothing.

This bike really has had the best of everything, its full of handmade bits and the high quality extras.


Contact 07855 898436

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