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Ossa Stiletto Flat Tracker For Sale


Now then, I do know this bike. The description, taken from eBay, tallies with my own thoughts on the bike, when it comes to reliability. When I've seen this bike at races it's not one of those where the owner is in a made panic and constantly working on his bike. It seems to behave itself, at least from where I'm standing.

It is DTRA Vintage flat track eligible, and, like Darren says, was second in the two-stroke championship this year. Click the Ossa link at the bottom of the post to see what racers are doing with Ossa's in the US vintage race scene.

Here is the description...

It's time to say adios to the Spanish lady. I wish I could keep this bike, but another project means I have to make room.

I have run this bike within the vintage class with the DTRA Flat Track races for 3 seasons and the bike has proven great fun, competitive and reliable. In fact my 2nd overall for the 2 stroke season is a testament of the bikes reliability – its definitely not my riding talent!

The bike is an uber rare 1972 Ossa Stiletto TT Scrambler – not officially imported into the UK I believe, and most lived in the states and served as really popular clubman racers. The TT Scrambler took the higher compression / high power 250cc Ossa DMR engine and added the versatility for scrambles and TT races. (It does love the jump at Greenfield).

The bike was bought by me 3 years ago and before that I understand it was in the back of a shed for many years. It’s in totally original, unrestored condition and comes complete with original irz carb, airbox and the option of 21 or 19 inch front wheels. When the crankcase was split the engineer was certain that this was the first time and remarked upon the low hours wear evident.

In my time, as you’d expect I have had to make a few improvements and repairs including:

Engine: Main bearings and seals Mikuni VM34 carb

Suspension and frame: Fork seals replaced Repaired following crack found Hagon rear units

Tyres and wheels: Heidenau K34s (knobblies available also) New wheel bearings

Cosmetics: Tank sealed

Electrics: New coil

The bike now starts first or second kick trackside and behaves really well. The only issues I am aware of is a small leak from the transmission around the gear selector.

The bike is good to go to compete this season plus perhaps entered into flat track vintage MX or vinduro. Alternatively its ripe for a full cosmetic renovation and adding to a collection if you can bare to let go of the original hand finished pinstriping

I'm looking for offers around £3500

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