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DTRA 2018 Vintage Class Finale

Following the disappointment of round 6, at Amman Valley, being rained off, the final round of the DTRA Championship was held at George Pickering's fabulous Greenfield Dirt track (featured in SB34) under wide, clear, Lincolnshire skies.

The Vintage heat races began with a narrow groove laid down by the previous days racing but as the day's heats progressed the groove got broader until by the time we got to the finals it was 3 bikes wide, leading to some great racing.

The heats threw up some interesting results as everyone got used to the surface, hard dirt being so different from the speedway tracks we normally race on.

Peter Koren #63 scored the first heat race win of his relatively short racing career aboard his twin spark Sportster, but...

...Flyin' Mike Fisher #80 was fastest rider on track every time he went out on his Champion framed Bultaco. Mike won all three of his heat races and had highest Vintage speed all day.

James Smith #143 joined in the fun again on his tank shifting WL45, now fitted with a suicide clutch.

Luke Kempton #61 swapped his Harley for a Triumph 500 and was getting to know his new bike. It's a work in progress.

We welcomed back Paul Murrell #60 to the grid on his Indian and another old hand, Paul 'Fast Harry' Harrison #4 on his Moto Morini 3 1/2. Sadly both Pauls have barely been on track this season.

David J Webb #140 was out on his Dad's BSA Hornet Spitfire for the final time, seen here battling with the Tribsa of Tony 'Chas' Challis #123. David told us he'll be Triumph mounted next year and is bound to be out in front again.

Sadly the two-strokes were poorly represented, just the regulars Mike on his Bultaco and Darren Legg #124 on his trusty Ossa, also on it's swansong outing. Darren has a lovely Champion framed Yamaha waiting in the wings (looking great wearing K70s; way to go Darren!).

When it came to the final there were dices going on throughout the grid for the first few laps, but it was Paul Harrison who got the holeshot and made it stick with Mike Fisher playing catch up after winning a four lap, three-way battle for second with Rick Bearcroft #39 and David J Webb. Webby took third place from Rick on the final lap.

Photo: Paul France

So the 2018 DTRA season is done & dusted. For the first time the Vintage Championship has been won on a two-stroke, by Mike Fisher #80 aboard his Bultaco. Quite remarkable that it should remain reliable all season, particularly given that he has raced it all year in other classes as well. Perhaps that the motor is pretty much in stock tune has something to do with it. Boy, does it go! I thought my 750 Triumph would easily outrun the pesky buzzsaw on the half-mile at Amman, but he just whizzed by up the inside, kicked grit in my face and left me sniffing castor oil.

Bravo Mike, a well deserved championship win, from both riding skill and bike prep perspectives. Anyone with a recalcitrant Bultaco now knows whose door to knock on.

Photo: Paul France

With tremendously exciting racing across all the classes completed for the day we had a Vintage group photo for the album and mourned the end of another season. Despite two rain offs, it's been a great year of racing from the DTRA. The Vintage class, supported by Sideburn, is flourishing, with an ever increasing diversity of bikes and riders. Long may it continue.

Such has been the success & popularity of the DTRA races that us lucky southern counties riders still have two rounds remaining in another five-round championship that started this summer at the North London, Rye House track under the auspices of BMR Racing, plus the exciting prospect of a night race under the lights at Stoke as part of the Six Town Chopper Show. Can't wait.

Thanks to Braking Point Images for all photos, except by Paul France where stated

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