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For Sale: Trackmaster Triumph

Our friend Guy has decided to hang up his hot shoe, so his handsome Trackmaster Triumph is up for sale.

This is what Guy says:

This is an American Trackmaster flat track racing bike, built in the US and imported by me earlier this year. I’ve raced it in the DTRA Vintage Class this year. I’m now retiring from racing after almost 10 years and the bike is available now, in the UK, which is a rare thing. I’ve imported 3 of these in total over the last few years, see Instagram for various pictures @guy971.

The bike:

The pictures tell the story really, it was raced in the US then later road registered and made into a street tracker in San Fransisco. I will shortly have a V5 for it so it can be road ridden, and I have all the parts: complete front brake, front and rear lights, side stand.

At the moment it is set up to race (and I hope it stays that way) however the option to put it on the street is there.

It needed the carbs and ignition replacing to race it reliably so it has brand new Mikuni 32s and an Electrex World ignition rotor/stator/coil/cdi which has transformed it. It has a kick start still fitted which makes life easy, it kicks and runs easily even when hot. The engine is a standard compression T120RV 650 with 5 speed gearbox. The box is very good, easy and fast changes. Runs generally in 3rd gear round a short speedway track with a 58 rear sprocket, I have some other sizes as well.

Front end is Ceriani, rear shocks unknown but could do with a refresh/replacement. Handling is fantastic (Trackmaster geometry is great - for track use anyway) and it pitches in to a turn predictably and exits controllably, the twin making tractable usable power in a non-threatening smooth fashion.

The engine is nice and strong, no knocks, rattles, horrible unknown noises or smoke, it just starts and idles nicely until you make it go. Probably the most usable I’ve owned, though not the highest tuned - I think the cams are standard and the head is unmodified, but it has more than enough to win a Vintage race, and compete mid-pack in Thunderbikes with a good rider.

Wheels are Akront flanged rims, Dunlop DTR tyres, spare Pirelli’s. Hurst Airheart rear brake (a thing of beauty, rare outside the US) and I have a complete spare brake set up including master, caliper, pads, and disc rotor. This comes with the bike and is a real bonus to have those spares, I bought them brand new and had them shipped here. The rear wheel is has a Barnes quick change type hub.

Tank is lined fibreglass, seat unit good quality, race spec paint which I would love to spray up as I have done previously with deep large metal flake and lashings of 2k lacquer, however we are moving and I don’t have the painting facilities.

It has a race spec lanyard cutout as is required. I have a selection of different bars available with different bends, rises and material, some chrome for the road or alloy for racing. Bates footpegs. Alloy number boards. Exhausts are open TT pipes, you know it’s coming! I fitted new standard clutch plates this year. Primary is duplex chain. New K&N filters this season. Oil tank is in the frame.

I’m sure there’s more.

These bikes are very involving and great to own, to the right person. It can be raced in most classes of the DTRA champs (except mini-bikes!) but they require maintenance and input - if you are starting out and want to learn to race flattrack, which is a very welcoming, inclusive and involving scene, you could with this bike - but you might be better off starting with a well used and cheaper converted 450 mx bike such as a CRF450. But if like me you like old involving bikes that need love, and you’re happy to put the prep time in, it could be for you.

A bike like this represents a big investment in money and time, and can’t be had for £5k (although there are some around). It’s an original Trackmaster with the rare 5 speed engine, and most of the good bits you’d expect of an original US racing Triumph. I’ve had immense fun and pleasure, and some success riding various vintage and other bikes in the DTRA series, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Here’s your chance 😬

Price - £8950 inc any spares I find that I haven’t already mentioned.

Please don’t waste time with low ball offers, I won’t do it - although I am open to offers.

Ask any questions, about the bike or the Dirt Track Riders Association, and I’ll get back to you. Remember this bike is fairly new to me, I can’t tell you much about the engine internals or spec, other than what is in the ad. Generally if you race a bike like this, it should come as no surprise that at some point it will need a rebuild in the future - I just can’t say when that was last done, but nothing about it makes me believe it’s about to go bang.

Click 1971 Triumph T120RV 650 Trackmaster to be directed to eBay

Action photos: Paul France

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