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Dos Trackers (with added political undertone)

Can't decide between a Sportster or a Scout? Let Icon 1000 help you decide.

On more serious, but related matters, the Trump administration's tariff on steel and aluminium imports to the US has rebounded and hit both Indian and Harley square in the bollocks. As of today the EU has loaded imports of dozens of different types of products, from peanut butter and Bourbon whiskey to boots and sailboats and, crucially for us, motorcycles with a 25% extra import duty.

This seemingly random list of products are, in fact, specifically chosen because they're from states where Republican politicians are in power. Milwaukee is in Wisconsin, where Trump narrowly won. Kentucky is a big Bourbon producer and Republican. Orange juice is from Florida (among other states), ditto.

How this will affect prices and sales of American bikes in the EU and beyond, and, in turn, what might happen to overseas bikes and tariffs going into the US in the future is yet to be clear. I get the feeling the dominoes have only just started toppling.

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