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Dream Job in Morocco

For 2018 Bridgestone Moto is launching two new tyres : A41 adventure and T31 sports Touring. Bridgestone employed Ant Productions, who I had worked with before, to produce the photos, run the launch, everything. I was very lucky to take part of the Big Team for this event run by Ant Production.

This is how it looked:

- 60 bikes from all brands

- Hundreds of grippy tyres

- 250 journalists/dealers

- 300km everyday (50km off road)

- 1 international Super team ( Dutch, Belgium, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, South African, Moroccan...)

- A beautiful country with amazing landscapes (mix of sand, rocks, palm trees and snow )

- Millions of Chicken Tajines

The plan was : pre-shoot for the first two days and then ten days of riding with journalists and dealers.

Such a nice experience for me, looots of riding, lots of new friends. Not easy all the time but I did enjoy every second. Thanks a lot to everybody specialy Ant Production and Bridgestone Moto.

Go get your Bridgestone tyres!

Now I am back in my routine and..... fuuuucckkk King's Lynn is in five days and my Husqvarna need some work.

[This blog post got lost down the back of the sofa. Hubert made it to King's Lynn, but the rain washed his race away. He will be racing at Hells Race this weekend, GI]

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