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Santiago to San Francisco

Sideburn 32 comes with the second of our free Sideburn mini-mag supplements. This one has words and photos by Tom Bing.

I knew Tom and Sally before they left for South America on the adventure described in the mini-mag. We’d worked together when Tom made a video for us [Dirt Quake IV]. When they returned I was lukewarm about sharing the story in Sideburn. Why? The whole moto-surf thing had been murdered by heavyweight show bikes carrying boards as lifestyle accessories, with no intention of actually taking the surf planks anywhere near an off-shore break. Poseurs and marketing departments had pissed all over the Bings’ pure concept. Months later, Tom was invited to speak at the winter party we held with HebTroCo in Yorkshire. His presentation was about his trip through the Americas and in five minutes I was sold. We had to share this story.

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