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Mule's Mutant Track Bike

San Diego-based Mule Motorcycles have been building great street trackers for nearly 20 years and has featured in Sideburn a bunch of times (go to our ISSUE ARCHIVE to see when). The boss man, Richard Pollock, is a quick club racer too, and prefers his races bikes light and two-stroke. This is his latest idea for short track perfection...

I raced a CR125 for a bit (not enough power), then a CR250 (did really click), so I bought a CRF450 and once that was sorted, I got bored. So the new ride for next year is a YZ490 motor in the CR125 Chassis. Still a ways to go, but here’s the basis packed. The tank is now a part of the frame. Should be ready to roll in another month or so.


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