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Malle Mile

A handful of DTRA regulars descended on the Malle Mile to join in with the motorcycle grass Hillclimb & lawn sprint competitions. Except that it is all about participation rather than competition.A lovely location, in the grounds of a minor stately home, with fine June weather and peopled only by motorcycle enthusiasts, many on inappropriate bikes, it had the atmosphere of a Grassquake. Indeed, many riders and bikes were riding DQVI the following weekend.There were some interesting dirt track style bikes in attendance. How about one of the original British Team Bulmer Triumphs from the '70s Transatlantic circus that Dick Shepard brought along.

Paul Harrison (DTRA #4) built A65

This Triumph needs to be on the ovals in Sideburn Vintage Class.

Heroes & Legends. Nick Ashley, DTRA #59, snaps octogenarian Johnny Giles, 1962 GB Team ISTD Gold Medal winner & fellow Cheney Triumph rider. Tasty Hooligan Triumph too.

Triumph framer

One for Leggy Darren. A Champion? framed Ossa. Another potential for Sideburn Vintage Class. (I think it might be an Ossa ST1, or a replica, as featured in SB12 - GI)

DTRA racer Peter Coren #63 is flagged away on his lovely, self twin-sparked Sportster.

St Nick, #59, gives a masterclass.

The Sprint. You get the idea.

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