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DQVI by Gergo Toth

Photographer Gergo Toth attended last weekend's DirtQuake and had to think on his feet how to shoot when he realised his media bib didn't get him trackside. We think he pulled it out of the bag, with great portraits, like this one of Jasmine.

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And don't forget to watch the ITV4 highlights at 8pm

Adam B bought the Pangea-built Golden Dawn (without the original turbo kit that made it close to unridable, we're told) and before he'd ever ridden it, Adam fitted knobblies and signed up to race DirtQuake. The first time Adam ever rode the bike, was in practice on a speedway track. Legend.

Odgie's lovely BSA.


125 Class racer Will C

The wonderful Honda CG125 painted, and raced, by Maxwell Paternoster. He also let his mate Amy ride it when her bike wasn't available.

Got a head? Get a Hedon

Harley are the motorcycle partner of DirtQuake and invited a bunch journalists from around Europe to compete on modified Street Rods. The invited riders where nervous as heck, but seemed to love their first taste of flat track.

Jonathan F from Sweden. A Sideburn contributor and now something of a regular on the DTRA scene.

Josh, #17 riding a neat Honda XL250, in the IRB final being chased down by Hubert B riding his Yamaha Tricker.


Sideburn ambassador, and part-time crab, Hubert, taking the double-chequers.

Thanks to Gergo for sharing the photos.

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