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Wrenchmonkee AW16

Our old mates from Copenhagen, the Wrenchmonkees, are still building bikes, but they're also making great clothes, and not just T-shirts. Their workwear-style canvas and denim is the business. I bought a waistcoast from Bolt in London, and it's expensive, but great stuff. We don't often feature clip-ons and fairings, but never, say never...

The Wrenchmonkees built this 2003 883 Sportster to tour around shops that were stocking their clobber. Having done it's promo job it's now for sale.

Highlights: Storz tank, Wrenchmonkees tail, TZ fairing, Chainsickle triple clamps, YSS shocks, chain conversion, Reventon exhaust...

Go to for bikes, parts and clothing.

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