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XR750 Street Tracker

This oddity was brought to our attention by Sideburn 37 cover bike builder Ross Sharp. Oddity, you're thinking, It's a beauty. Yes, but it's an XR750 street tracker with no visible means of starting it, other than bump, and that would get pretty tiresome.

Sideburn has featured a killer XR750 street tracker, Brad Peterson's in Sideburn 18, but it had a remote starter socket. I've also seen Kevin Atherton's road-going XR750 in the flesh and being ridden, it too has a remote starter socket, and Cupcake carries the tiny starter and battery in his rucksack.

Still, this is a beautiful motorcycle. It's currently for sale, and the seller says it's a Mert Lawwill chassis. They claim the engine is a 1972 model, meaning it's one of the first of the all alloy XRs.

It's up for $29,000. It doesn't have a sidestand either. Just saying...

Find out more at Classic Avenue, based in Venice, California.

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We currently have XR750 blueprints in stock.


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