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Video: Shobert Back (& On A Sunday)

Bubba Shobert is a name not from just the glory days of the Camel-sponsored Grand National Championship, but also of the US invasion of the Grand Prix road racing world.

The Texan was an incredible talent, in an era of incredible talents coming out of the States and onto the world scene. He won three back-to-back GNC titles from 1985 to 87, then won the AMA Superbike road racing title in 1988. The domestic success got him the move to GPs, but his career was cut short by a freak accident on the slow down of the 1989 US GP, at Laguna Seca, when Shobert crashed into the back of Australian rider Kevin Magee who had stopped in the middle of the track to do a burn out. Shobert suffered serious, career-ending head injuries.

So, it's special to see him on track, in his 1980s-style Honda US leathers, and talking about how much he's enjoying the little Sunday Motors. I've raced one and enjoy it a lot. Ours isn't as fast as the S187 model that Shobert is riding. How good does that track look, too?

Find out more about the bikes at Sunday Motors

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Jan 16

I'm looking forward to this video, I love Shobret! His interviews on video are simply amazing, and all because he films without a background. If you didn't know that the background can be removed using the service, then I feel sorry for you. For some reason, many people now do not know that the most popular videos on YouTube get the most views are those that do not have a background.

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