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Type 7 x DSC

We can never get too much Death Spray, and we suspect you're the same, so here's a recently released film from Type 7. Who they? 'Type 7 is the daily magazine for those who are driven, combining a love of Porsche and those who drive them with a deep and detailed exploration of art, architecture, design and collector culture at large.' Yes, those kind of people...

If you want to read Sideburn's 9-page portfolio of Death Spray, you can find it in Sideburn 47, available as an individual back issue and as part of the three-issue bundle.

Death Spray also created the cover for Sideburn 50, and also had a regular column on design inspiration in issues 34 - 42 (excluding SB40)


Travis Newbold
Travis Newbold

Being born to two parents making all our family income from their artwork ( my mom is still at it but my dad gave up on income and lives in a van down by the river) I sure can appreciate what David does. Real hero! His art makes me proud to be a petro head. I was exposed to Type 7 recently when they made a video about Jeff Zwart who races his Porsche against my Bugaru in the Rally 2WD class in Colorado Hill Climb. Very nice videos!

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