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Throwback Thursday: Rox

I found these photos on my laptop, but I can't remember when they're from. If I had to guess, I'd say 2014. I'm pretty sure they're all taken at King's Lynn. I do know they're all by Ian Roxburgh, who used to shoot the races for the DTRA. He had/has a great eye. We have some super snappers covering the races now (Jon Braking Point and Paul France) but I still miss Rox.

Above is Co-Built Geoff Cain on one of the Rotax framers he made the chassis for.

A young Ollie Brindley. Note the low Co-Built pipe.

French flyer Frank Chatokhine on Anthony Brown's Co-Built.

Me (13R) having a battle with Tom Clemens and his homebuilt Yam we featured in Sideburn 14.

Rapid Thunderbike racer Dave Chadbourne on his Yam single.

Me waiting with Guy Martin in the staging area.


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