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Switzerland has a very strange relationship with motorsport. The country banned virtually all forms of motorised racing within their borders, after the 1955 Le Mans 24-hour tragedy, that resulted in the deaths of 84 people*. In the decades since there have only been time trial hillclimb events, where one vehicle is on the course at a time, until a relaxation in 2015, that allowed electric vehicle racing (how very Swiss). Somehow, the imaginative Swiss Dirt Track Association (SDTA) found a way around it and have held annual races in the country, and played their part in the growth of the sport right across Europe.

We have a new online report from their recent Steep Trophy race in our STORIES section, written by Peri (of the SDTA) and shot by Kati Dalek, of Kayadaek Photography (whose portfolio and interview is in Sideburn 46).


Sideburn has two loyal stockist in Switzerland.

Dee Cee Style in Zürich

Moto Candy in Baar

* This very shocking and graphic Pathé news report of that crash is embedded below. If anyone craves a time before health and safety 'sanitised' motorsport, perhaps watch this. If you are likely to be upset by scenes of loss of life, and who isn't?, don't play it.


Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy
7 hours ago

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