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Sudo Cycles Flat Track Parts

UK flat track racer, tattoo artist and inventor (he invented a very successful steadycam device), James 'Leftie' Smith has formed Sudo Cycles and created some fresh parts for flat trackers. This is what he dropped this week.

Fork Guards

Rather than fitting fibreglass guards to the front of the slider, Sudo have come up with alloy or carbon shrouds the bolt under the bottom triple clamp. The slider will get peppered, but the chrome stanchion looks like it will be well protected by this design. We haven't had the items in our hands yet, but the quality looks very good. They're available in 6061 aluminium or carbon-fibre and are fitted in minutes without dropping the forks.

Price: from £95 (Deluxe set, below £155)

Triple clamps

Sudo is entering much more of a crowded market with these triple clamps aimed at flat trackers. Sudo say... 40mm offset 216mm apart centre of leg to leg (8.5”) Bar clamps 88.9mm apart (3.5”) Stem length 225mm (from base of bottom bearing > top of top nut thread)

6061 aluminium Precision CNC Satin anodised finish - black, natural, gold.

3 Stem shaft size options - 25.4mm / 1” (Harley Davidson) - 28.999mm (KTM) - 30mm (Yamaha R6)

Weight: 1390g

Price: £445

Rotax Sprocket Covers

Sudo boss James races a Rotax, like many in the DTRA, and has designed three different sprocket covers, two are clear CNC machined acrylic, the other is carbon-fibre.

Price: £35-£55

There are also shark fins (rear sprocket covers), rear brake hangers and steering stops.

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Jun 16, 2020

Dig! Sudo stuff is beautiful!

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