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Staracer & Sonny

We were sent this photo of Sonny Burres sat on a Staracer Honda framer by the owner/manufacturer of Staracer frames, Roger Attebury. We have a feature on a Staracer Yamaha XS650 in the current issue, Sideburn 51, and Roger sent us a potted history on the company and some archive photos. I posted this photo on our Instagram and Facebook and it caused a good number of comments on FB.

Roger told us, 'I took that pic in front of the Astrodome, we built two identical Honda powered Staracers, the other piloted by David Aldana. 1978ish I believe.'

I had sent Roger a copy of the magazine helped with and checked if it had arrived. He replied on the Facebook post, 'Sorry I’ve been delayed in thanking you for the wonderful publication. For years I get the email notifications about each new publication as it is released. I look at the limited information provided and move on. I can truly say I feel guilty for not subscribing to these wonderful print publications. This is by far one of the nicest print magazines honoring the sport we love and celebrating the enthusiasm around the world. If you are not a subscriber PLEASE become one at once, you will never regret the wonderful photos and stories about motorcycling and flat track. Thank you for featuring the article about Staracer products in your publication and I’ll look forward to becoming a supporter.'

Nice coming for someone who with Roger's history in the sport. Then someone called Guy Hughson left a comment on the Sonny Burres Staracer post. 'I think I own that bike now.' Guy posted the photo below.

When prompted Guy added, 'It's a 1979 Honda XR500 that I believe is the original engine for the frame. I held national number 87 during 1986 and 1987. I still race AMA vintage races with that bike and many other bikes residing in New York.'

I have to admit, I don't really engage with FB, but this thread was good.

If you would like to take Roger 'Staracer' Attebury's advice you Subscribe to Sideburn or buy Sideburn 51. Below is the Staracer XS650 in the magazine.

Also, we have this 1974 Staracer Yamaha MX360 on our For Sale page. It's located in the UK.


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