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Sideburn Data: Who, What, Why... interview

We have run an interview with people we admire under the subtitle - Who? What? When? Why? Where? - in the front of Sideburn since issue 3 (perhaps when I thought Sideburn had some kind of future). The latest subject is Anthony 'DTRA' Brown, an inspirational fella for a lot of reasons. If you're not familiar with him, he heads up the UK race series, the DTRA (as a not for profit organisation); is the European Vintage flat track champ; works within the bike community to get more people riding and racing, working with organisations like VC London...

Below is the full list of interviews. We've featured other people in different styles of interview, portfolio and other slots, so this is just for the the Who? What? regular.

3 Dick Mann

4 Don Castro

5 Dave Aldana

6 Gene Romero

7 Eddie Lawson

8 Scott Parker

9 Jay Springsteen

10 Chris Carr

11 Bubba Shobert

12 Steve Morehead

13 Mert Lawwill

14 Joe Kopp

15 Nick Hayden

16 Jim Rice

17 Brad Baker

18 Skip Aksland

19 Sammy Halbert

20 Jared Mees

21 Greg Hancock

22 Kenny Coolbeth

23 Aidan Collins

24 Mike Kidd

25 Hank Scott

26 Kevin Atherton

27 Bryan Smith

28 Henry Wiles

29 Jake Johnson

30 Marco Belli

31 Shayna Texter

32 Jeffrey Carver

33 JD Beach

34 Johnny Lewis

35 Brandon Robinson

36 Briar Bauman

37 Jarod Vanderkooi

38 Ronnie Jones

39 Kolby Carlile

40 Anthony Brown

41 Nichole Cheza/Mees

42 Larry Pegram

43 Chad Cose

44 -

45 Dalton Gauthier

46 Cory Texter

47 James Monaco

48 Cameron Smith

49 Davis Fisher

50 –

51 Dan Bromley


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