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Sideburn at The One Show

It's less than two weeks until our favourite show in the world, The One Show in Portland. I (Sideburn Ed, Gary) am heading out to run the booth in the show, and will be ably assisted by our man in the Pacific North West, Todd Marella, and fellow zine magnate, Norm Motorcycho.

We're going to be in the Icon Motosports area, with a booth to knock your socks off (or at least pull them down a bit), but before all that, we're hosting a pre-party with Icon, at the Rogue Eastside, at 928 SE 9th Ave. It's a mile for See See's original location, on NE Sandy (they have three spots now), half-a-mile from the Jupiter Hotel/Doug Fir (these are the landmarks I know of on that side of the river.

And guess what. Todd is also the lead singer of the 'entertainment' at the pre-party. Truncheon Things is a Clash tribute band, and if you've seen any of Todd's Clash-themed race reports, you'll know how mad he is about the 'only band that matters'. There's going to be a special Icon beer, free T-shirts, the band, the 21 Helmets show preview (get to see the all the art helmets first), good times, and it's free to get in.

If that weren't enough, Castle Rock, an hour up the road, over the state line, in Washington, is hosting One Pro races on Saturday night and Sunday. Hoo-wee.

I hope to see some of your there. GI


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