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SB52: Pre-Order

Sideburn 52 arrives later this week, and is an Art & Illustration special. Art has always been a big part of Sideburn and we have Sideburn-approved work from artists all over the world, but that isn't all.

+ How Anna Serena treated her Build.Train.Race season like a rock band's tour to cover her bills.

+ Interview with former national number hot shot and current AFT official jeweller Tommy Duma

+ The best Biker B-Movie posters

+ Vintage dirt track T-shirts

+ Death Spray Customs column

+ Artists & their bikes

+ Bikes tests, projects, Travis Newbold workshop tips, regulars, trophy queen...

COVER: exclusive art by John F Malta

BIKES: Royal Enfield INT650 BTR dirt track racer; Indian FTR; Herald Brute 500;

PEOPLE: Anna Serena, Tommy Duma, Steve Morehead

PORTFOLIO: The artwork of Hans Sures

PAGES: 116


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