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SacMile is Back

The last piece of the 2021 AFT jigsaw has fallen into place, as the proposed California round has finally been confirmed as a Sacramento Mile double-header on 11-12 September.

That means out of this season's 17 rounds, there are:

7 Miles

7 Half-miles

2 TTs

1 Short track

The last time the series visited the SacMile was 2019. The top threes were:

TWINS: 1. Mees 2. Briar Bauman 3. Fisher

PRODUCTION TWINS: 1. Gauthier* 2. Addison 3. Carlile

SINGLES: 1. Shayna Texter 2. Rush 3. Avery

* First national win for the HD XG750

The next round is the Texas Half-Mile this Saturday. Find out more at

Photo: Scott Hunter/AFT


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