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Ryan's DTX Street Tracker

Ryan from Minnesota got in touch to share his the DTX street tracker he's just finished building. Take it away Ryan...

It’s a 2006 Yamaha YZ450F that was clapped out when I got it, and I did my best with a limited budget and very limited tools and resources. I live In Minnesota so it’s tough to get out in a non-heated garage and wrench for hours sometimes.

It’s running Baja designs front LEDs and a custom dynamics LED tail light. The front is housed in aluminium number plate mounted in the factory location, and I made the license plate / tail light mount by hand. Both were made with a tin snips and a file and a drill. The lights run off of a total loss electrical system powered by an Antigravity lithium battery all tucked very neatly under the seat.

I’ve replaced most of the parts on the bike and I'm still waiting on a carbon end cap for the silencer. Almost all of the hardware has been replaced because whoever had it before me must of had a blind man turning the wrenches. Everything was rounded out and stripped.

The suspension is lowered and set up by TwentySix Suspension out of Canada. And of course it’s running a 19” front and rear with Maxxis DTR 1s.

It’s a blast to terrorize the streets and wheelie down the main drag in my small town. It’s just hard to see sometimes with all the panties being thrown at me.

It’s been a fun project and gets lots of attention around my area. Hope you guys like it. I’ve been following your content for a long time and love all the inspiration I get. I’ve only seen a few DTX street trackers so I though why not put my spin on one. I only have about 4000 into the bike.

Cheers brothers and take care!

Ryan LaMont


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