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Roland's Reaction

I was hunting through 100s of photos from the One Pro races at the One Show in Portland that took place last month, when this one appeared. It wasn't the class I was looking for, this is a heat race for the Vintage 250 class (early in the day, hence not many in the stands). It's the class our man Todd Marella races in, and reports on, and I was looking for the Electric National, for the upcoming Sideburn 40. I was drawn to the image, loving the angle showing the huge cube screen above the track, before even noticing that photographer Kyle Hannon caught a hell of a stack right in the middle of the frame.

This is Jonathan Jorgenson (great name BTW, JJ) getting it spectacularly wrong with the help of his Bultaco Pursang. Eric 'Buritto' is taking evasive action, Todd is already mid-corner. But this isn't about revelling in someone's misfortune, you know us better than that. While I was looking at the photo I noticed Roland Sands stood next to race promoter Thor Drake on the infield.

The flag marshal has seen it all before...

But Roland has been there...

Done that...

Got the T-shirt.


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