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Ray Tauscher: Portland's World Champ

Ray Tauscher (Tauser in the international press) is America's forgotten world champion. In the years between the wars he left his home in Portland, OR, to race speedway in Australia and Europe winning the major races, including a world championship.

Portland filmmakers Ned and Michael Thanhouser heard the story of the late racer, found recently discovered footage they say is of Ray at his height, and gained permission from his surviving family to scour his scrapbooks to form the story.

There's some great 90-year-old footage and stills, a good story, but the voice-over was too Hallmark Channel, with too much artistic licence taken, for me. It's the one niggle I have, but don't let that put you off, it's well worth watching. GI


Jan 14, 2021

Great story, thanks. Some lovely bikes in there too.


Ted  Ellis
Ted Ellis
Jan 12, 2021


I wonder if "The Interrupters" could be persuaded to do a remix of that "He's a Rider" song. Hmmmm...

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