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Race Report: Devitt Vanoni Ducati Hooligan

Son of Sideburn, Max Inman was given a last-minute opportunity to race the Devitt x Vanoni Ducati Scrambler Hooligan at the final round of the DTRA series. This is his report.

The last round of the DTRA season was approaching, it was being held at Greenfield Dirt Track on the oval. I spend most of my weekends at Greenfield, so I was helping out at a practice day the weekend before the DTRA finale. Max Vanoni was there with two bikes, Jack Bell’s 2022 championship-winning Devitt x Vanoni Ducati Hooligan, as well as his 2021 championship-winning Ducati Scrambler. The 2021 had been assigned to Lucia Aucott for the season.

During the practice day Max Vanoni came over and said ‘Hey, have you got your steel shoe with you?’ I replied ‘Yes’, thinking someone had forgotten theirs and wanted to borrow it, but Max said, ‘Great. Lucia can’t make it so I was wondering if you wanted a ride for today.’ So, towards the end of the practice day I went out for two sessions, 20 laps maybe, and felt comfortable on the 800cc Scrambler straight away. I was surprised because I have very little recent experience riding bikes over 125cc. I was nervous and scared of the bike at first because of the reputation of Hooligan racing, plus and the power and weight of the bike, but there was no need, the Scrambler handled great and I really enjoyed my time riding it.

After having such fun on the practice, the Monday before the weekend of the race I asked Max if Lucia was going to race it, and on Wednesday, we arranged for me to race it because she wasn't able to. I managed to take her place on the entry list, thanks Anthony and Anna, and that weekend I was planning to do something I never imagined myself doing.

The builder of the championship-winning Devitt Scramblers, Max Vanoni, with the 14 bike Max Inman would race. Ben Bell is looking after his brother's 93 bike. (Photo: Sideburn)

Before practice I didn’t have any idea of who I would be battling with on track, so when I came back into the pits I was happy to see I had the fourth fastest lap time. The time didn't really matter because it was practice, but it gave me some peace of mind.

There was a big entry for the final hooligan race, with Jeffrey Carver standing in for George Pickering on the Indian S&S FTR 1200, and fast Dutch rider/ FIM Flat Track, Menno Loco on the Krazy Horse Scout. There was a full grid of 12 riders.

Max and Jeffrey Carver, both making their DTRA Hooligan debuts (Photo: Sideburn)

Race one also went my way, holding P3 for four laps in a six-lap race, behind Jack Bell and Jeffery Carver, but then dropped two places on the last two laps, finishing fifth after Leah Tokelove and Menno Loco passed me.

Battling with Indian hooligan Leah Tokelove (Photo: Braking Point)

Race two and three were both very similar, I struggled with the starts but made up places in both races finishing sixth in both, giving me sixth gate pick for the final.

Lining up next to another DTRA hooligan debutant, Tom Busfield, on Triumph

(Photo: Braking Point Images)

After Tom Busfield, who was guest riding on the Moto Edit Triumph Bonneville, crashed out on the first lap, we had a restart, the top five riders didn’t do any overtaking, remaining in the same positions from lap one to chequered flag: Carver first, followed by 2022 champ Bell, Loco, Tokelove and me. Up against a strong grid I was happy with fifth, considering how little time I had on the bike before hand.

I would like to thank Max for this opportunity, as well as George Pickering and DTRA Anthony and Anna for all they do.


There's a full feature on the 2022 championship-winning Devitt x Vanoni Ducati Scrambler hooligan, that Max raced, in Sideburn 45. We have a handful of issues left. If the link doesn't work, it's sold out.


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Photo: Braking Point Images


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