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Photo books: IoM TT, Punks, Mods

We have a stock of lovely photo books. The publishers call them books, so we will too, but they also has a fanzine feel. They're 24 or 36-page collections of photos showing normal people in regular settings. The mainly unposed, natural feeling photos are so engaging, because they show the kind of detail and real life that yet another photo of Steve McQueen or Audrey Hepburn, looking perfect, never could.

The subjects in the Isle of Man TT Races 1971 book are both fans and racers, and it's clear a lot of the fans are influenced by Easy Rider, but the British working class take on choppers is like nothing else before or since. For such a little book it's truly joyous.

The publications are pure youth culture photography books, with no words or captions. They depict the most stylish to the somewhat daft, but always real, not manufactured. Like the titles of two of Janette Beckman books state, they have a raw street feeling. The cults included are revival mods, Teds and rockers; working class, down at heel dandies living for the weekend and peacocking as best they can with the few quid they have.

We love the subjects and we love these small, highly collectible books. They're £7 and limited edition. Get them here.


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