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New guest blog from Jason.

It’s OK for you fast racers, out in front, where the air is clean and the mud still on the floor, but for me, the air isn’t clean and the mud is doing about 60 miles per hour right at my frontage. Which means after about eight years of losing, sweating, panicking plus a multitude of other emotions expressed, my once pristine Bates leathers are ready for display duties only.

I’ve chosen an off the shelf Fuel jacket from Urban Rider. Did I bother to look at the size chart? Nope, medium it is then. Medium should have actually been labelled as, M, for massive. Luckily Urban Rider offer great service and swapped the Massive for an S.

Oooh, it’s a bit S for Snug. So I take out the back protector and the jacket rather confusingly, fits like a glove. Yay. Let's commit to this thing and pop my number 75 on the back. But what Massive, I mean medium to use: leather, Paint, neon lights?

It doesn’t matter that the 7 is a bit wonky since permanent marker pen is….. arhhhh. oops.


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