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Off-Topic Sunday: Very Late-'60s Dancing

Guest post from Serge Faberge

Honestly, this counts as off-topic as the best motorcycle connection found is a fairly standard for time promo shot of France Gall sat on a shiny new Suzuki T20. The song however, is not exactly standard. 'Teenie Weenie Boppie', is a supposed warning against LSD written for Ms. Gall by the mighty Serge Gainsbourg in 1967. At the time she was moving away from the poppy yé-yé sound. It's a fun little track, suitably odd but the video takes it to next level oddity. Seemingly shot on a ferry trip, there's very late-'60s dancing, France in all her Gallic loveliness and Napoleon puts in an appearance so, really, something I hope most Sideburn readers can appreciate...

Note: France Gall is most famous for the song 'Laisse Tomber Les Filles'. Featured on the old Sideburn blog.


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