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MV x Crosby Studios

MV Agusta has been passed around like a joint in a 1960s Roger Corman biker flick, and, since 2017, the ownership of the Italian marque has been held by the Russian-UK investment fund, who installed Timur Sardarov as CEO. Since then the company seems, from the outside at least, to have moved in the right direction, building exciting bikes like the SuperVeloce and developments of the increasingly bananas Dragsters.

We mention this now because the Varese-based firm popped up on our radar today thanks to this eye-catching installation they've created in conjunction with multinational architecture/design firm, Crosby Studios. The installation is for an upcoming Long Beach, CA, streetwear trade fair, ComplexCon. This is the kind of show that buyers from shops and websites from around the world attend to order next season's/next year's clobber for their retail operations. So, the likes of New Balance, Penfield, Adidas, Stone Island, Deus Ex Machina, and a hundred other established and start-up brands all vie for the attention of buyers. Journalists, tastemakers, influencers and the gamut of content-creators attend too, and MV want a piece of the action. MV CEO Sardarov says, 'We are constantly exploring new ways of being meaningful and relevant to that very important segment, and ComplexCon offers our brand a perfect opportunity to connect and communicate in a unique way.'

To make a splash in an exhibition centre full of megabrands, they commissioned Harry Nuriev, of Crosby Studios to lay 'his signature gray-and-white checkerboard pattern onto a custom MV Agusta F3 motorcycle and MV Agusta AMO RC electric bicycle.' And it looks great. MV say 'The collaborative, limited edition merchandise will be available for purchase on an inquiry basis.'

Nuriev says, 'For me, a garage is a symbol of a workshop — a place that births new ideas, and allows creators to escape reality. A garage also brings back a lot of childhood memories, from when I used my family’s garage as a craft workshop.'

Garage symbol of a workshop. Got that?


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