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Mecum Vegas Auction: Results

Following on from Gareth Howes' 2024 Mecum Las Vegas Auction preview, he has sent this post with details of what his choices fetched.

As the auctioneer’s machine gun verbal barrage comes to an end with the banging of a hammer, my mate, and fellow UK dirt tracker, Danny and I look at each other and say, 'That’s a bit


This wouldn’t be the first time or the last time we say that, and almost becomes the most spoken sentence whilst attending the annual Mecum's Auction in Las Vegas.

2024 was going to be an interesting year to see where prices of bikes are trending. 2023 saw super strong prices in the face of adversity and the first interest rates hike. I wondered if 2024 would see continual growth or reflect how the private market has performed in the last six months i.e. a general slowing and reduction in prices. After spending a couple of days at the auction, I got the feeling it was the latter. As a general rule of thumb the bikes didn’t do as well as expected, notably British bikes massively underachieved. Triumphs that last year would of achieved close to $10,000 where trading closer to $6000.

Below are the results of the bikes I featured in my last article (all prices include the buyer's premium). I've added some more bikes after that I found interesting including that Honda NS750!

Jared Mees Championship-winning 2018 Indian FTR750

Lot F126.1


There were a lot of admirers of this bike as it made its way to the stage accompanied by nine-time champ Jared Mees. It didn’t sell under the hammer, because it didn't reach the reserve, but a deal was later struck in the Mecum's 'the bid goes on' section.

1957 Harley Davidson KR750

Lot S182


This felt like a fair price for both seller and buyer. The photos were honest and I'm sure the buyer will be happy with this classy dirt racer.

1975 Yamaha YZ250 Boss framer

Lot W227


My interest piqued with this bike mainly as it had no reserve and was on offer on the first day of proceedings. The bike looked at home among the other higher value bikes on offer. I think the buyer has come good with this one! Try building one for this price.

1965 Duvarna 250

Lot W230


From the $137,500 Indian to this home brew special. I loved it before and still love it after seeing it. If you wanted a cool bike to ride at Hell on Wheels or general hooning about on, for under $2000 and some work this would have been perfect!

Champion Yamaha TZ750

Lot F87


If Danny could have taken one bike back in his suitcase, it would have been this no question. We met the owner after the bike failed to sell under the hammer (another bike selling using the Mecum's 'bid goes on' section), he said it was time to move onto something new. The price achieved was good for the seller, with it being such a niche market and it being a later construction.

Roy Burke 1946 Indian Hillclimber

Lot S290


Thankfully this bike looked way better in person than the photos online. The bike included some original literature and pictures of the bikes. This is one of the bikes I think broke the trend with it selling for more than expected. It had real organic and authentic look to it.

Now onto the interesting things that I didn’t feature but really should have.

1981 Honda NS750

LOT S61.1


The predecessor to the famous RS750. This beautiful example definitely had the Internet talking, but it still traded for below what I expected! (see the top photo, with Gareth).

1966 Redline Triumph 650

Lot T330


Bargain of the auction, the one sale from the auction that will haunt me to my grave. Danny and myself where strictly on a no-buy mandate but was we wishing we had a paddle at that moment. The bike had a beautiful frame with Ceriani forks, the engine looked tidy with a period correct ARD magneto bolted on for good measure. The period paint was slightly crude so you could use and abuse and not feel guilty. This definitely came under the description 'That’s a bit cheap'.

2000 C&J Suzuki TL1000 from the SuperTracker era sold for $11,000 (inc fees)

Tidy Astro 250 went for $8250

It isn't just motorcycles, the sale covers all kinds of motobilia.


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