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2024 Mecum Vegas Auction Preview

We're very happy to welcome back guest contributor Gareth Howes for his now annual Mecum Las Vegas Auction post. See last year's preview here.

As the New Year rolls in and as certain as the house always wins, January sees the return of Mecum Motorcycle Auction in Vegas. Next week will see over 2000 motorbikes pass through the fast-talking auction. To put that in context the average auction in England will see around 200 go under the hammer.

If you are not aware, Mecum will, and do, sell anything and everything. From $500 projects to a $935,000 Harley-Davidson, that last year broke the record for most expensive bike sold at auction, There really is something for everyone.

Below are some of my choice picks from the upcoming auction, they may not be the highest value, the rarest but I like them and that’s enough for me. GH

Jared Mees Championship-winning 2018 Indian FTR750

Lot F126.1

Surely this has to be one of the most iconic flat track bikes of the last decade. Rarely are race bikes with such recent history available in a public sale, to the extent the right rider could, theoretically, jump on this bike and be at the front of the pack at the next race. Recent bikes have traded from $55,000 to $110,000 but none have the pedigree of this bike. Will we see it go over $150,000?

1957 Harley Davidson KR750

Lot S182

What this bike lacks in originality it oozes in race style. Theres something about these 750 Harleys that just works for me. A stylish, rideable Harley that you can throw about ticks all the boxes for me. I blame Paul Hartman's recent bike builds for this making the list!

1975 Yamaha YZ250 Boss framer

Lot W227

This bike is right on so many levels. The frame is clean, the paint is immaculate and that engine just works on short tracks. It may not be the biggest money bike at the auction but it looks a great build that I'd love to see on the short tracks we have here in the UK and Europe. With no estimate and being on the first day of auction it will be interesting to see what this bike achieves under the hammer.

1965 Duvarna 250

Lot W230

What do you get if you cross a Ducati and Husqvarna? I cannot pretend I had heard of this before but what I can say is I love it. The great handling of a Husqvarna frame has been utilised by many a bike builder and the four-stroke, desmo Ducati engine used here is suppose to be a real peach too. It’s no thoroughbred but I want it in my stable. I think this could be a great deal for someone but it will definitely need some work.

Champion Yamaha TZ750

Lot F87

If you're into flat track then you would know about the legend of Yamaha building a TZ750 flat track bike. Well, this is a replica of those bikes. There is no doubting that this bike is beautiful and would sit proudly in any collection. The last TZ750 flat track bike to be sold (two years ago in Vegas) did not achieve what was expected of it, will this example achieve a better result?

Perhaps buyers want the original and nothing less is acceptable? Time will tell when it goes under the hammer on the Friday night.

Roy Burke 1946 Indian Hillclimber

Lot S290

Vintage hill climb bikes just have this raw aggression about them and this is no different. A chain wrapped around the rear tyre and lack of suspension is somehow is appealing to me. It has history too and is built but notable racer Roy Burke, an AMA Hall of famer. Hopefully the bike looks better in person than the photos.



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