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Mablethorpe 2022/23 Q&A

Mablethorpe Sand Racing club returned after the Covid lockdown with new management, new ideas and two non-championship races earlier this year.

The club announced their 2022/23 dates today and asked Sideburn to share a number of questions and answers to shed light on the upcoming season for both regulars and newcomers.

First their statement: We have had several meetings with the Police, Fire Brigade, Environment Agency and East Lindsey Distric Council, working closely together to guarantee another season of racing for this historic club . We've also had to take a couple of extra courses to be able to get the permit to agree these dates for the 2022/23 season. So we're very pleased to finally be able to announce them and we hope they're as well supported as our two race meetings in March 2022 were.

First the dates:

23 October 2022

13 November 2022

27 November 2022

11 December 2022

8 January 2023

22 January 2023

5 February 2023

5 March 2023

26 March 2023

Now the questions and answers

Why have you settled on nine rounds for the 2022/23 season?

The main reason we have chosen these dates and nine rounds are the tide times. We only have permission to run on Sundays, and there were a lot of Sundays where the tide didn't go out enough for us to be able to race, and some Sundays where low tide was around 4am, so still dark and not possible to race.

We also feel that nine rounds is a good number for people to be able to afford to do the whole championship if they choose to. We're aiming to get riders competing with us from all over the country, and we want them to stay with us for the whole championship.

Can I still enter on the day? No. All entries are now in advance and handled online through our website.

How do I enter a race?

Only members of MableThorpe Sand Racing club can race with us. It is £25 per season. You choose your race number when you join the club. After that you enter through our website.

Race entries are £40 for adults and £35 for juniors. Racing an extra class costs an additional £20. The format of the race day is the same. One session of practice and five x four-lap races. There is no final, the results of each of the five races is totalled up.

Why do I need a NORA race licence?

The insurance company Mablethorpe Sand Racing used to be covered by no longer exists, so in order for us the keep the racing going, in line with council guidelines and still keeping entry fees affordable, we opted to use NORA Motorsport.

When a race meeting is run under NORA Motorsport guidelines, competitors must have a NORA race license, or we can issue them with a day license for a fee.

A lot of our members will already have a NORA license, because they cover a wide range of motorcycle events. If you already a holder of a NORA licence because you race with another affiliated club, the licence covers you to race with us.

If you need a licence, select National Basic (or National Advanced if you want the benefits of that licence) and the Adult Competition. Youths and junior riders should select the category that describes the bike they are racing.

Apply for a licence or find out more at

Why can't I see the sign-on times?

Sign-on times will be announced when entries open for each race.

We plan to open entries for our first race on 23 October, three weeks before the race meeting.

Entries for the rounds after that will then be open the day after the preceding race.

For round 2 on the 13 November, online entries will open on the 24 October where the sign on time will also be displayed.

I would like to spectate. Do you publish race start times?

No, but we predict racing will start around two hours after our sign on time. We can't be more accurate because we rely on the tide going out far enough to allow us to race safely, and weather can affect the tide.

Spectating is free, and you can do so from on the promenade, that gives a good view of the whole track, and is right by a row of cafes and food vendors.

How can I find out about race classes and rules?

You can find out about all our classes by following this link.

How is the championship scored?

Points are awarded for each of the five races in each class. The totals for go towards they day's awards and the are totalled for the season championship. The points for each race are scored as follows.

1st - 8 points

2nd - 6 points

3rd - 4 points

4th - 3 points

5th - 2 points

6th and below 1 point


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