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JC23 Commits To Full Season

Privateer SuperTwins rider Jeffrey Carver has just informed us he has laid down the big bucks to enter every round of the 2020 season. Previously Jeffrey had said he would ride as a wild card, missing the TT rounds. The rescheduled, post-lockdown season has no TTs so perhaps that changed his mind.

Jeffrey will run the Happy Trails team himself, as an LLC business, with the mechanic/tuner Bryan Bigelow (himself a former AMA GNC frontrunner). He will race Indian FTR750s.

Jeffrey is a true privateer with much of his budget coming from race fans via his gofundme page, or buying his merch and/or donating gas money at the track. Another supporter is regular Sideburn contributor Scott Toepfer, under the banner SGT Racing.

The season starts on Friday in Volusia. Find out more at

Read how to watch the races live by clicking this Sideburn post


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