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Indian Update the FTR

Indian has given their FTR 1200 family a range of updates for the 2022 MY (model year). Even thought they're calling it 2022, they will be available from dealer this year. There is some somewhat vague talk of 'close attention paid to refining the engine tune, optimising suspension' followed with more detail to get our teeth into. These are the headline changes:

17in Wheels

All bikes in the original FTR range had 19in front, 18in rear wheels, with Dunlop DT3-style tyres. Now the entry-level FTR 1200, FTR S and FTR R Carbon have the industry sportsbike size wheels of 17in front and rear with Metzeler Sportec rubber. This is a bit of a step away from the dirt track roots of the model but all the language coming out of Indian is that the bike is the 'ultimate street tracker'. The FTR Rally (above) retains the 19/18in wire-spoked wheels, fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres.

Sportier Geometry

The 2021 FTR has a steeper rake angle of 25° and a shorter trail of 99.9mm. It was 26.3° and 129.5mm. The trail is obviously affected greatly by the 2in smaller front wheel.

Lower Seat Height, Narrower bars

Smaller wheels and suspension tweaks make the seat height 36mm (1.4in) lower. ProTaper bars on all, but the Rally model, are 40mm narrower than the previous model.

Öhlins Added

The top of the range FTR R Carbon (above) now has Öhlins front and rear suspension. The R Carbon is $16,999 in the US and £15,599 in the UK. The entry model is $12,999 in the USA, £12,299 in the UK.

Rear Cylinder Deactivation

According to Indian 'This system was designed as an aid to reduce engine and exhaust heat to the rider. Rear Cylinder Deactivation turns off the rear cylinder when the engine gets hot and the bike is stopped. This provides enhanced comfort in slow-moving traffic and warm-weather conditions. For Rear Cylinder Deactivation to be enabled, the following conditions must be met:

  • The engine must be up to operating temperature.

  • The ambient temperature must exceed 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 C).

  • The engine speed must remain below 1,000 RPM.

  • The gear position must be 1, 2 or N.

  • The throttle must be in the closed position (0 percent throttle).

The rear cylinder will reactivate when throttle is applied.'

This system is added to the complete FTR range.

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