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Indian FTR750 Limit

There has been lots of speculation about whether AFT would restrict the Indian FTR750 to allow other manufacturers get closer to them. It's an interesting question. There's no doubting the Indian is the best bike in the sport at the moment, probably ever, but they were also clever to pick the best riders. The best riders are still winning on FTR750s, the also-rans are not - Indian or not.

AFT recently released a technical document to explain that a certain FTR750 flywheel must be used, and a heavier option that has been used can no longer, and any additional weight can be added to the crank or flywheel. AFT also mandated the use of specific Indian clutches and rotors/generators.

Why is this important? Look at the Indian FTR750 crankcase, compared to a regular road bike. The crankcase is designed specifically to house big crank flywheels, because the inertia of a heavy crank is proven to be ideal for flat track traction. The bikes the FTR750 is against all have road bike based bottom ends, made to rev more highly, so have lighter revvier cranks.

It seems like a good balance. Indian shouldn't be too upset, but it reigns them in slightly.

Photo: American Flat Track


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