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In Benzin Veritas By DxM

In Benzin Veritas, In Petrol We Trust, is the latest monster, coffee table-crushing book by Australian cultural steerage committee, Deus Ex Machina.

The 330-plus pages plots the company's 15-year bike-building history. There are 86 custom machines from all corners of the Deus universe: The original Camperdown Temple of Enthusiasm, Woolies Workshop in Venice, CA; Bali, Tokyo, Milan and the recent expansion into Korea.

The photography is superb, the book design clean and confident, plus there's lots of wonderful Carby Tuckwell art. Oh, and Sideburn's editor, me, wrote it all, while Sideburn's deputy editor, Mick Phillips sub-edited it. What more could you ask for? It really is beautiful book.

The book seems to sell out every time it is put on Deus website, but we managed to get hold of a few copies. IN BENZIN VERITAS is £70, plus post and we're sending them by courier (we can't afford for these to go missing). We're only listing them for sale in the UK. If you are in the USA and want to purchase one, please contact us.


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