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Hail Dave!

Sorry we've been a bit quiet with the blog. We've been finishing Sideburn 48. Got plenty to share soon, though. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of Sideburn contributor Dave Bevan, on his chop with his Marina Estate behind him. That's the last roadworthy Marina estate in the entire United Kingdom. You can read Dave's writings in the following issues of Sideburn (the ones highlighted in red are available to buy as back issues)...

SB24 - Stone movie feature

SB25 - Psychomania movie feature

SB27 - Werewolves on Wheels movie feature

SB28 - Northville Cemetery Massacre movie feature

SB30 - Godspeed You Black Emperor movie feature

SB34 - Akira movie feature & Wheels and Waves event report

SB38 - Greenfield Dirt Track/ George Pickering feature

SB46 - Cycles South movie feature


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