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From Brad to Berlin

I miss how much interaction and comments blogs used to get before nearly everyone migrated to facebook, before deciding instagram was better. We don't get the feedback on the blog that we used, and I'm not sure why. As an individual, and organisation, I/Sideburn never really connected with Facebook. We have a presence, mainly reposting instagram stuff and linking back to blog posts, and only check in to answer questions.

Instagram is a bit different, and I use it a lot more, but it's not the same as blogs, hence why we still regularly post content on this site, that tends to be different to the instagram posts.

I found the photo above on Instagram (@sideburnmag), earlier this week. I'd been doing some research on Brad Hurst and this photo appeared. The caption read...

Brad Hurst, XR750, showing how it’s done. 1981-82?

📷 unknown

Then Sammy Sabedra - @doinitdude - left this comment.

Indy mile for sure. And if I had to guess, I would say this looks like a Paul Schawb photo

Sammy is a former pro racer; mechanic for Production Twins racer, Ryan Varnes; a flat track trivia nerd and featured in Sideburn 40 with his Trophy Queen.

Then, DTRA Vintage racer (and frontline health worker in Germany), Martin Heuning (@martino.berlino) commented...

Panther XR - 🤩maybe Single shock or maybe the Panther XR that’s racing with the DTRA... ? Paul Schwab told me Syracuse 1981. I think Brad is wearing (Carl) Blomfeldt logo leathers.

Martin has an XR750 (at least one, he's had a few over the time I've known him), and his is the only racing in the DTRA, so the hint was the bike in the 29 year old photo was now his. I asked. Martin replied...

Maybe... likely most of it i.e. engine, forks, wheels, bodywork etc. Brad said he only ever owned one XR (ex-Beauchamp) since he was a Triumph guy, now mine - frame appears to be an early single shock Panther version, mounted on the rhs

What a great coincidence. That's Martin below, on the Panther XR750 in question.

Instagram isn't so bad after all (but I still prefer the blog).

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Apr 05, 2020

All I can think of is my friend Chris @theironsociety needing a Panther framed XR750...

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